housing for wellington


the council should help rather than hinder
wellingtonians from accessing housing.

Our local housing market in Wellington is grinding to a halt, rents are going up, and the dream of owning your own home is slipping further and further away for many Wellingtonians.

It just shouldn’t be this hard.

A good supply of affordable housing is essential for any city. It provides a foundation for families and communities to grow and allows us to take care of our most vulnerable.

Poorly thought through policy from central Government has caused numerous problems, but the Wellington Council hasn’t helped either. It’s a simple lack of leadership and lack of a competent plan.

Our plan to deliver more housing for Wellington is focused on five key commitments:

  • Release more land to increase supply

  • Build better infrastructure to support housing development

  • Deliver more integrated social and emergency housing

  • Reduce the cost of doing business with council

  • Partner with housing developers

Statistics New Zealand predict that in the next 30 years a further 46,000 people will live in Wellington City, so we need to build the foundations of a better city today.

Our plan to deliver more housing will work in tandem with our transport priorities to create a better networked city that you can live, work and move around in.