john apanowicz

The Wellington Party Candidate for Northern Ward & CCDHB


I’m a Wellingtonian, born and educated here, and I’m proud to call the northern suburbs my home.

Our community needs a local champion with a strong voice. Someone who takes the time to listen to and understand the issues impacting you. Someone that sits in the same grid-locked traffic as you and your family, that catches the same buses – when they turn up, that isn’t afraid to fight hard for the services and funding our local community deserves. I’ll fight hard for you.

I’ve lived in the Northern ward for most of my life, I have witnessed first-hand the many changes within our area. I believe I am the best candidate to listen to and understand your perspective and I have the ability and expertise to work alongside other councillors to promote the Northern Ward and advocate on your behalf.

I graduated from Victoria University with degrees in economics, commerce and administration. I work locally running a successful consultancy firm specialising in finance and corporate governance. I’m also a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, and current Deputy Chair of the Makara-Ohariu Community Board.

We desperately need competent and experienced people on our Council, and I need your vote and 1st preference to ensure our community has a strong voice at the table.


John Apanowicz
The Wellington Party Candidate for Northern Ward & CCDHB