sean rush

The Wellington Party Candidate for eastern Ward


The Eastern suburbs of Wellington are my home and I cherish its natural beauty. I’m passionate about strengthening our community and ensuring your Council acts for you.

Our community needs a local champion with common sense, who will stand up for you. My family and I sit in the same grid-locked traffic as you, and I worry for the future of my two kids with the rising cost of living, unaffordable housing and poor transport infrastructure. Wellington deserves better.

I’m a graduate of Victoria University with a Masters in Law, and I am also completing a Masters in Climate Change Science and Policy. I’ve been a truck driver, a criminal lawyer and a world leading energy and infrastructure lawyer both overseas and locally, now focusing on low carbon energy.

In my spare time I volunteer as a community Police Officer, Chair the revitalised Roseneath Residents Association and I am a proud member of the Wellington Football Club.

We need competent and experienced people on our Council, and I need your vote and 1st preference to ensure our community has a strong voice at the table.


Sean Rush
The Wellington Party Candidate for Eastern Ward