transport that works for you

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The Wellington Party stands for a transport network that works for you and your needs.

Right now, under Mayor Justin Lester’s incompetence, there’s no plan in place for that transport network to be delivered, or even funded, for two more decades. That’s not good enough.

Meanwhile, Wellingtonians are at a standstill with buses that don’t work or turn up on time, a core roading network that isn’t finished, frequent rail outages, and walking and cycling paths that cause more chaos, contention and congestion.

Front page of the Dominion Post, July 4th 2019.

Front page of the Dominion Post, July 4th 2019.

Transport policy affects everyone. However you get to work, home, and take the kids to weekend sport, it all depends on a reliable network of choice in your daily life.

Sadly, transport in Wellington has become the social engineering experiment of weak and divided Councils that believe they know better than you. We think differently.

Our city’s network of core roading infrastructure needs to be finished; public transport options need to be properly integrated, accessible and timely; and no matter what you choose, it actually needs to work for you. Now. Not in 20 years.

Our plan to deliver transport that works for you is built on five key commitments:

·        Reduce congestion now, not in 20 years

·        Demand and deliver a reliable bus and ferry network

·        Build safer, more integrated, cycling and walking options

·        Deliver expanded and more frequent rail services

·        Plan for the future of transport

The Council have embarked on an ideological and unfunded plan called Let’s Get Welly Moving. Behind the gloss, pomp and shiny trams, it’s mostly a dud. A Christmas wish-list that sounds great but won’t be delivered in the foreseeable future.

We need action now, not in 20 years. It’s time to stop the social experiment, and get on with building decent transport infrastructure to keep Wellington connected, so we can all spend less time waiting and more time living and enjoying our great city.